Monday, March 15, 2010

Do I Really Want to Friend my Electric Company?

This the back of the envelope my electric bill came in.

I am enjoying getting more active on Facebook, and I've become a fan on several companies I like -- Oreos, Shining Stars stuffed animals -- but my electric company?

Talk about just jumping on the bandwagon.

The tips on the ConEd fan page actually aren't bad, but I just can't bring myself to become a FAN of my UTILITY COMPANY who has the government's permission, nay, blessing, to OVERCHARGE me.

It's probably going to become some scary Big Brother thing where if you DON'T become a fan you'll get cut off... AAAAAAGH!

Ahem. Excuse me!
Don't know what got into me there.

Isn't it a little weird, though? Next thing you know the cable company will want me to friend them. Sorry, I already got free HBO 'cause I've got real friends in my building (meaning the co-op board, who hooked us all up legally).


sisagain said...

You know it's jumped the shark when.....

Janice Ellen Wright said...

Had to look up "jump the shark" but HA! You're right! First us over-30's got on Facebook and now Con Ed? It's so over.

wsxwhx697 said...
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Janice Ellen Wright said...

Last night I had a dream where someone used the term "jump the shark." Some part of me loves that phrase now!

sisagain said...

It works on so many levels:)