Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haiku for Manhattan

Haiku Friday

My friend called me out,
said haiku's s'posed to evoke
a feeling or scene ...

she is right of course,
in the traditional sense ...
a cocktail haiku?!?

The feelings I stir
tend to be quotidian
more than expansive ...

In my own defense,
I point to Club Penguin ... where
Sensei-bird speaks 'ku!

Ahem, let me try a "real" haiku...

Manhattan pulses
a million different drummers
contribute a beat ...

the air is alive
with movement, thoughts, change, and life ...
dull senses quicken.

Tires revolve and fade,
voices run sharp, soft, pleading,
underground trains hiss ...

My boy wants to stay
he can feel the energy,
it mirrors his mind ...

Eyes, heart, neurons drawn
to the new, spicy, unknown
that keeps us alive ...

Want to play along on Haiku Friday? You know what to do: Write haiku, any theme. Put the post url into Mister Linky here, then please leave a comment after linking.

And be sure to have a great weekend!


storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Just because we can
doesn't mean we HAVE to play
always by the 'rulez' ...

I do love your 'REAL' haiku ... but I enjoy your 'cocktail' 'kus too. Thanks for sharing both kinds today and for continuing to host Haiku Friday even though many former 'regulars' seem to have taken time off for a while.
Hugs and blessings,

Janice Ellen Wright said...

Thanks, Storyteller!
You make my Fridays better
with sky pics and 'ku!

Chazya said...

Just Becuz I'm New
doesnt mean I cant haiku
theres one on my blog

Stacia said...

NYC ... Now I want pizza! And a cocktail. =>

Mary (MPJ) said...

Love it! :)